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Is your organization healthy? Is your work flowing? Are you and your colleagues creatively engaged?
Understanding one another is what it's all about. It's an art form, so let's bring our skill, heart and ingenuity to the table.
Learning to live and work more in line with our values allows us to gift the things we love and depend on to the next seven generations.
The only thing we can truly change is our self. How awesome that once we make a change, everything else changes too.

Catherine Pawasarat catalyzes self-awareness to support your business.

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Putting Out Nero’s Fire: Reversing Climate Change in Your Backyard

In a previous blog, I wrote about Holistic Management International board member Sallie Calhoun’s observations that human ingenuity could help ecosystems be more resilient. I love this concept that humans are agents of solutions and more emerging solutions, rather than primarily creators and perpetrators of problems. For one thing, it sounds way more fun and rewarding and inspiring. For another, I like the idea Read more

The Art of Conversation: The Magic Grease for Every Wheel

Have you ever had a conversation you felt you needed to have and really didn’t want to? Maybe this happens with various people – or the same person – every week or so. Or every month? The patterns can transform the energy into something more interesting. Is it every day? Never? (That might be a pattern too.) At home? At work? In the floating world of Kyoto, one of the geisha’s arts is that of conversation. I didn’t h Read more

Planning Paradise: Composting Disarray, Growing Beauty

In terms of organizational development consulting, I specialize in helping transform disorganizations into beautiful organizations – can you relate? Here’s my secret: since I’m the only person I get to influence something like totally, everything works better when I start by working on myself. To this end, I invited my partner to spend the last month re-organizing our teaching enterprise, PlanetDharma along with my o Read more

What Do You Do While Meditating?

What You Do While Meditating (On Emerging from a Month-Long Advance) It’s been a few weeks since I came out of my month-long solitary meditation retreat, which I prefer to call “advances.” What a valuable experience that was, and challenging to describe. Sometimes people imagine that retreat is just sitting still for a month, which may not seem particularly compelling. It’s far more fascinatin Read more